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HBO Heaven’s Gate Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the documentary

People are fond of cults for a varied number of reasons. Heaven’s Gate falls under a national tragedy. The impact of the UFO cult was devastating; it led to the deaths of 39 victims, members, and the organization.

The movie is dissected into four different parts and it revisits the doomed religious movement only to correct the belief that the members of the cult deserve to be mocked. This cult for a fact was different, it comprised of normal people who believed that there existed something bigger than them.

HBO Heaven’s Gate Cast

The movie is directed and produced by the supremely talented Clay Tweel. It originated from the Campfire CEO Ross Dinerstein, Shannon Riggs, Lyle Gamm, and Amy Entelis and CNN Original Studios Peter Clowney, Erik Diehn, Eric Spiegelman, and Chris Bannon. 

HBO Heaven’s Gate Plot

The plot is rather interesting for viewers. The accounts of David Taylor and Robert Balch as well as stories from previous member’s families will leave you horrified. They stayed months without hearing from their family and loved ones, which was very depressing. Under the disguise of the greater good, people were seen getting sidetracked from their individuality and thinking potential.

The onset of the movie reminds us of mass suicide in the year 1997. The Heavens Gate is dated back to 1975 and gives us an introduction to Bonnie Nettles and Marshall Applewhite. This story revolves around a bright vision nurse and an opera singer who turned into a mental patient. They were referred to as “Do” and “Ti” and they formulated a belief system, which focused on followers giving away their human body only to ascend to UFOs.

These UFO’s would transport them to heavenly abodes. Viewers will notice the extensive recruitment process and the system of spirituality they proposed. But undoubtedly, the dark and cautionary tale of Heaven’s Gate excels in its portrayal of humanity. 

HBO Heaven’s Gate Trailer

HBO Heaven’s Gate Release Date

All four episodes: the cult of cults will be aired on HBO Max on December 3rd, 2020. The four-hour-long movie leaves you with a strong emotional connection with members of the cult.

HBO Heaven’s Gate Review

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