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Netflix Betaal Web Series Review – Must Watch in a Day Only

What is the biggest feature of horror know? It opens those doors of your mind. Where you could see the wall till today! Horror is a very entertaining thing in this sense, but it happens only when there is a kind of rhythm in the horror, meaning the horror which is, shuddh (not Pankaj Tripathi’s dialogue) vishuddh dar nahin hona chaahie. poetik hona chaahie. Must be Poetic. Now the question is, is the horror of ‘Betal’ so poetic?

Netflix Betaal Web Series Story

A soldier who is so tempted to become a ‘Good Soldier’ ​​that he also follows the wrong orders of his commander with complete dedication. A contractor for whom there is not even a family bigger than his success, not even his own life, he is willing to deal with even the devil. And a British officer who became a zombie in the course of completing his Desire.

Now the total product of the individual greed of these people is the story of ‘Betal’, directed by Patrick Graham. Patrick had also previously directed Gul of Netflix. If you understand the meaning of Gul, then something like this happens, Undead Monster. Like zombies.

Netflix Betaal Web Series Plot

Even the whole setting was correct, but any story on the screen is as strong as its subplots. This is where Betal falls loose. The subplots have been dealt with correctly, not allowed to develop properly. Secondly, there seemed to be a lot of space in the audio as it was patching and it was detected. The zombies of Betal are scary, but their LED eyes look over the top. But still ‘Betal’ is a very good attitude in terms of horror.

Such stories are done on jump scares, and it happens. When Zombi’s first prisoner stumbles off the tunnel, holding his entrails in his hands, only then does it seem that Brother smells is going to be torn here! And the same happens.

Netflix Betaal Web Series Trailer

Netflix Betaal Web Series Cast

  • Vineet Kumar
  • Ahana Kumra
  • Suchitra Pillai
  • Jitendra Joshi
  • Manjari Pupala
  • Saina Anand

Talking about performance, the work of both Suchitra Pillai and Ahana Kumra was tremendous. Jitendra Joshi enjoyed watching Bhau, the Katekar with his Sacred Games. Everyone else was fine, but the lead of ‘Betal’, Vineet Kumar Singh, got somewhat cold this time. Vineet’s repercussions seemed quite repetitive this time. But still, they remain in their place.

Netflix Betaal Web Series Review

Overall, ‘Betal’ is a fairly good horror in terms of horror, the visuals are as awesome as one needs for a fun horror show. There are some loose moments in the story, but still the show is successful in creating overall horror.

WSR Rating 4/5

First episode date: 24 May 2020
Network: Netflix
Genre: Horror fiction
Language: Hindi
Audio format: Dolby Digital