Riding The D with Dr. Seeds Is The Most Original New Web Series You Never Heard Of On Amazon Prime

Now streaming on Amazon Prime is RIDING THE D WITH DR. SEEDS, in which an “underground” unhinged non-licensed psychiatrist named Dr. Seeds doles out unsolicited medical advice to patients on the subways of NYC. 

The short-form web series created by Sarah Seeds (Inside Amy Schumer) premiered Season One this spring and can be watched here. There are five episodes currently available: 

Riding The D with Dr. Seeds Episodes

Episode 1: Meet Dr. Seeds

Meet Dr. Seeds! Your friendly, neighborhood, the non-licensed psychiatrist. She needs an assistant, but who will get the job?

Episode 2: A Handsome Stranger

The rest of Dr. Seeds’ dark past is revealed & our heroine looks for romance and dance on the D.

Episode 3: The Support Group

Welcome to the “Support Group for the Victims of Dr. Seeds.” No orange snacks. 

Episode 4: Tabitha M.D. Returns

An old foe appears that could disrupt everything. Stay petty.

Episode 5: Secrets Revealed (& Love Is Strange)

Truths are revealed, romance ensues, and booties bounce in the season finale of ‘Riding the D with Dr. Seeds’! 

WIth quirky original vibes and in-your-face production design, Riding The D With Dr. Seeds features many humorous gags from its quick animated transitions to the soundtrack and video game sound effects. What Seeds succeed’s in doing with the short form is creating a platform for her talent that is so fearlessly creative and bold that you simply cannot ignore the show or her as a performer! It should only be a matter of time before Hollywood takes notice of this fresh new voice. We want Season 2 — please give us a prescription to the Doctor!

Riding the D with Dr. Seeds Trailer