Vikram Bhatt Maaya 3 Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer
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Vikram Bhatt Maaya 3 Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Vikram Bhatt, the well known filmmaker, has been an active digital content producer for a few years now. With hit series such as Twisted and Maaya among others, Vikram Bhatt has an exclusive following for his digital material. His most desired erotic web series Maaya 3 recently made an entry with the third installment.

Vikram Bhatt Maaya 3 Release Date

Mohit Malhotra, Chestha Bhagat, Deepshika Nagpal, and Mukul Dev in major roles, the web show is launched on September 14, 2019.

The makers earlier launched a steamy trailer of the web show on social media:

Vikram Bhatt Maaya 3 Trailer

The first installment of the web show dealt with the lesser talked-about subjects of BDSM, erotica, and the second installment displayed a tale of 2 lesbian lovers. This time the web show appears to be a story of lust, love, and deceit, and although the trailer does not disclose much about the plot, you will need to watch the show by yourself.

Maaya 3 is helmed by Krishna V Bhatt (Vikram Bhatt’s daughter) and is streaming on Official Jio Cinemas App.

The second season of Maaya had Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani playing the major roles and was about the lesbian affair. So we are obviously interested in the storyline of the third season and the turns and twists it conveys with it.

Deepshika Nagpal is all ready to feature in Maaya 3, the upcoming web series by Vikram Bhatt. Mukul claimed to the media, “I have had a long-lasting career with Vikram Bhatt. I started my career with Mahesh Bhatt where Vikram was collaborating with me, he was the assistant maker as well. I did a few films for Vikram also. Now, it is a lovely experience for me, life coming to a complete circle, Krishna Bhatt (Vikram’s daughter) is helming me in her web show. She locked the major role for me and that is very sweet. Krishna was helping her father and once she frankly stated that if she makes any web show, she will look forward to me.”

Vikram Bhatt Maaya 3 Cast

Krishna Bhatt (Vikram’s daughter), who will soon be making her directorial entrance with Priyal Gor and Mohit Sehgal featured Badnaam, earlier declared season 3 of the web show. This season will show actors Mohit Malhotra, Cheshta Bhagat, and Mukul Dev in major roles.

About the web show, both the earlier installments proved to be an enormous success and aimed at sensitive subjects such as problems faced by the LGBT community and BDSM in the society. While Maaya: Slave of Desires, featuring Shama Sikander featured BDSM, the second installment showed the love-story of a lesbian duo played by Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor.

Obviously, Vikram Bhatt could not make a film out of this with the manner the CBFC (Central Board of Certification) works now. This is also because of the fact that whether a captive audience might survive the level of overacting that is present in the web show

But nonetheless, all of it just makes our inquisitiveness get to the maximum point. Users’ excitement for the show is extremely high and expectantly, the 3rd season will do justice to users.


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