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Amazon Prime Pushpavalli Season 2 Review

Sumukhi Suresh plays the main character in the Amazon Prime parody. In season one, she moves urban areas to seek after her adoration intrigue, a kid she met in her old neighborhood, Bhopal. On being turned somewhere around the person, Pushpa returns to Bhopal. In season two, she comes back to retaliate for the dismissal.

Pushpa comes back to retaliate for herself

The new season commences with Pushpa’s commitment to Vidyuth, a kid from Bangalore picked by her mom. Apparently she has proceeded onward from Nikhil. In any case, as the season advances, plainly her new, resolute objective is to look for retribution from Nikhil. While Nikhil is under the feeling that Pushpa is over him, she keeps on stalking him with the assistance of the local tea merchant. She likewise tricks her closest companion and manager Pankaj, and Vidyuth. Normally, there comes when her plan unwinds.

Amazon Prime Pushpavalli Season 2 Trailer

Sumukhi Suresh sparkles as a convoluted stalker

Suresh is marvelous as a lady hated. She’s so frantic to get Nikhil to cherish her that she chooses not to see all the harm she’s causing others. Her plan of retribution has such a significant number of turns that you’re stuck to the show thinking about how far Pushpa will go to get her direction.

In many stories of vengeance, the man is the unhinged character. It’s a chance to consider a to be as a determined stalker. While the show is the most part of a screwball satire, it’s additionally a remark on how ladies are seen. Pushpa professes to eat fewer carbs so as to get thinner. In any case, she can’t resist enjoying her adoration for spread. The message is that it’s critical to be agreeable in your skin.

Amazon Prime Pushpavalli Season 2 Review

Sumukhi Suresh is incredible as a lady out for vengeance right now. It finishes on a stunning note that proposes that the show isn’t finished at this point.