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Amazon Prime The Boys Review – A Fun, Bloody & Irreverent Superhero

In The Boys by Amazon, main character Eric Kripke (from Supernatural) and producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (of Preacher) give you Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis’ explicit, violent, and irreverent fight with superheroes. The web series delivers an amplified look at the frightening influence of money & corporations, the threats of hero worship, and essentially the corruptive nature of immense power. But, the web series is also a razor-sharp spoof of comics, from the little details that make them unique to their origin tale down, as it takes familiar components such as the innate goodness of Superman to the fish-talking powers of Aquaman and twists them sufficiently to show them off putting and frightening.

And at a point when characters from the comic book are central to the largest movie franchise that the film industry has ever witnessed, to the time that almost every Marvel film is a compulsory theater-bound experience, The Boys could not have been more appropriate in making its debut on the small screen.

Amazon Prime The Boys Trailer

But there is a negative side to the realm that these people (with superpower) live in, one that’s excessively influential to the utmost levels of government and fraudulent to its core. No one appears to care since superheroes are splendid and they make the common man feel secure about the world surrounding them. No one, that is, excluding for Karl Urban (playing the role of Billy Butcher), who joins hands with a faint-hearted electronics store worker, Jack Quaid (playing role of Hughie Campbell), after his girlfriend is slaughtered in front of him by a speedster Jessie T. Usher (playing role of A-Train). The eventual group puts both Butcher and Hughie on a collision course with the Vought Corporation and its most powerful associates who are part of the Justice League-akin team, the Seven. Now, this venture is the mega-corporation that markets and controls all the superheroes.

Even for people who have not read the initial comic, the casting of The Boys is ideal. Urban, specifically, is on one all over the complete 8-episode race of season one, and as such his acting skills convey chaotic energy to the already disorderly vibe of the series altogether. When coupled with Quaid (who, after his acting in Plus One, best romantic comedy of 2019, opposite Maya Erskine of PEN15, is swiftly turning out to be a star) the 2 become a charismatic & fun duo, partly due to the fact that Hughie is in over his head and Butcher is deceitfully utilizing the grieving teen as a way to his personal revengeful ends.

Amazon Prime The Boys Review

The boys of The Boys are more than Hughie and Butcher, although. The show is an extensive ensemble piece that comprises Tomer Capon, Laz Alonzo, and Karen Fukuhara as Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and the Female, respectively.

In a nutshell, viewers will surely enjoy The Boys. If you are one of the users who are planning to watch the series, make sure to add your feedback in the comments below.