Fox TV New Upcoming Original Series 2019

Commonly dubbed as the Fox network or simply Fox, The Fox Broadcasting Company is a US commercial broadcasting television network controlled by the Fox Corporation. And with the increasing user base, the streaming service has got some really quality shows under its sleeves for the near future. Here are some most-awaited web series by the streaming platform.

Fox TV New Upcoming Original Series 2019

Prodigal Son Original Series 2019

From writers Sam Sklaver and Chris Fedak and executive producers (Emmy Award-nominated) Sarah Schechter and Greg Berlanti, Prodigal Son is a fresh insight on a crime series with a darkly comedic tone and an outrageous and provocative major character. Tom Payne (playing role of Malcolm Bright) has a gift. He is aware of how the killer’s minds work, how they think. Why? Earlier in the 1990s, his dad was a notorious and one of the best serial killer dubbed as “The Surgeon.” That is why Bright is one of the best criminal psychologists since murder is in the genes.

He will utilize his twisted cleverness to assist the NYPD to stop killers and solve crimes, all while coping with an annoyingly normal sister, manipulative mother, his own constantly developing neuroses, and a homicidal father still seeking to connect with his prodigal son.

Michael Sheen (playing the role of Dr. Martin Whitly) is wealthy, intelligent, and charismatic, and is a predatory sociopath who murdered minimum of 23 individuals. Bright’s mother, Bellamy Young (playing the role of Jessica Whitly) is a waspy and elegant New Yorker, has a view on each aspect of Bright’s life, and wields sarcasm same as a samurai sword. Perhaps Bright’s only friend is his sister, Halston Sage (playing role of Ainsly Whitly), a TV journalist who wants her brother to have a normal life and “take a break from killings.”

Executive Producers: Sarah Schechter and Greg Berlanti

Production Companies: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and FOX Entertainment

Executive Producer/Director: Lee Toland Krieger

Executive Producers/Writers: Sam Sklaver and Chris Fedak

Not Just Me Original Series 2019

Writer Annie Weisman and executive producer Jason Katims give you the tale of a strange family created via extreme odds. Looking into such hot-button problems as human connection and identity, this unusual story taps straight into the zeitgeist, attaching the emotional complexions that today’s generation of IVF-bred kids all encounter.

Only child Brittany Snow (playing the role of Julia Bechley) sees her life upturned when her father, Timothy Hutton (playing the role of Leon Bechley), discloses that he utilized his own sperm to conceive hundreds of kids. Staggering from this huge disclosure, Julia finds two new sisters—her ex-best friend, Megalyn Echikunwoke (playing role of Edie Palmer), and a former Olympic athlete, Emily Osment (playing role of Roxy Doyle). As these 3 young females start to embrace their new identity, Julia must know what life is like without Leon near her.

The series is created by Fox Entertainment and Universal Television.

Writer: Annie Weisman

Executive Producers: Jeni Mulein, Jason Katims, Sharon Levy, and Imogen Banks

Director: Leslye Headland

9-1-1 Lone Star Original Series 2019

9-1-1 extends its reach to Austin with the new season, 9-1-1: Lone Star, featuring Rob Lowe. From co-creators of 9-1-1 Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Tim Minear, 9-1-1: Lone Star showcases a complicated New York cop (Lowe), who, together with his son, re-locates, and should try to stabilize saving those who are at their most susceptible along with solving the issues in his personal life.

Co-Creators/Writers/Executive Producers: Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Tim Minear

Production Companies: Ryan Murphy Television, 20th Century Fox Television, and Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision

Co-Executive Producer: Rob Lowe

Bless The Harts Original Series 2019

Executive-produced and created by Emily Spivey, Bless The Harts is the latest half-hour animated comedy that features the Harts, a family that is forever grappling to make ends meet and is always broke. They one day expect to attain the American dream, but they are already rich—in family, friends, and laughter. Kristen Wiig (playing role of Jenny Hart) is supporting her family and a single mother having the job of a waitress in Greenpoint, NC.

While Jenny’s the leader of her family, she is frequently scheming with or is at odds with her lottery scratcher-passionate mother, Maya Rudolph (playing role of Betty), and her creative, witty daughter, Jillian Bell (playing role of Violet). Jenny’s eternal optimist, the doting boyfriend of 10 years, Ike Barinholtz (playing role of Wayne Edwards) is a surrogate father to Violet and the love of her life. He is a charming dreamer who might never get successful, but he is not going to quit the fight. Ultimately, the Harts might not have much, but they might just have everything they require.

Creator/Executive Producer: Emily Spivey

Production Company: FOX Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television

Executive Producers: Christopher Miller, Phil Lord, Seth Cohen, and Kristen Wiig

Filthy Rich Original Series 2019

Filthy Rich comes from Tate Taylor. It is a southern Gothic family series in which power, wealth, and religion interconnect with outrageously bubbly outcomes. Meet the Monreauxes, a super-rich Southern family known for making a wildly victorious Christian TV network. On the cusp of rolling out a digital retail division of the firm, the family’s patriarch, Gerald McRaney (playing role of Eugene), gets killed in a plane accident, leaving Kim Cattrall (playing role of Margaret) to take command of the business. Not shockingly, Eugene’s obvious death greatly affects the Monreaux kids: Corey Cott (playing role of Eric), the ambitious son of the couple, who presumes he will now operate the firm; and daughter Aubrey Dollar (playing role of Rose), a promising fashion designer, who continually grapples to stop the huge shadow cast by her mother.

Executive Producer/Writer/Director: Tate Taylor

Production Companies: Imagine Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, and FOX Entertainment

Producer: Kim Cattrall

Executive Producers: Francie Calfo, Brian Grazer, Abe Sylvia, and John Norris

Deputy Original Series 2019

From David Ayer and Will Beall, Deputy mixes the spirit of a typical Western with a current attitude and visceral and emotionally driven storytelling. Starring a group of complicated and ambitious human beings who will not rest until justice is being done, Deputy brings a grainy legitimacy to the modern web series. The Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County is one of the biggest police forces in the globe, but when the chosen Sheriff passes away, a mysterious rule in the county charter abruptly thrusts the most improbable man into the job. That man is Stephen Dorff (playing role of Bill Hollister). A 5-generation lawman, Bill is only concerned about justice. The bad guys do not stand a chance in front of him.

Executive Producer/Writer: Will Beall

Production Companies: FOX Entertainment and Entertainment One

Executive Producers: Chris Long, Barry Schindel

Executive Producer/Director: David Ayer

Duncanville Original Series 2019

From Emmy Award winners Julie and Mike Scully and Golden Globe winner Amy Poehler comes Duncanville, an animated series comedy revolving around an enormously average 15-year-old boy with a wealthy fantasy life, and the individuals in his life. Similar to most 15-year-olds, Poehler (playing role of Duncan) can see maturity on the edge: freedom, money, girls, and cars. But the realism is more like: driving with your mom sitting shotgun, always being broke, and babysitting your younger sister. He is not outstanding, but he has a wealthy fantasy life where he is never anything less than amazing. Duncan’s mom, Poehler (playing role of Annie), lives in continuous fear that her son is one bad decision away from spoiling his life

Co-Creators/Executive Producers: Julie Scully, Mike Scully, and Amy Poehler

Production Companies: Universal Television, 20th Century Fox Television, and FOX Entertainment

Executive Producer: Dave Becky

neXt Original Series 2019

From directors and executive producers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa along with executive producer and creator Manny Coto, neXt is a fact-based, propulsive series about the advent of a rogue, deadly AI. It is a series that asks us to see closely not only at our relation to tech but to one another. Silicon Valley pioneer John Slattery (playing role of Paul LeBlanc) developed a legacy and fortune on the world-altering innovations he once dreamed, while alienating and ignoring his loved ones, comprising his own daughter, Elizabeth Cappucino (playing role of Aabby), and his short-sighted teen brother, Jason Butler Harner (playing role of Ted), who now operates Paul’s firm. After finding that one of his own inventions—a powerful AI dubbed next—may spell doom for mankind, Paul attempted to close the project, only to be removed out of the firm by his own brother.

Executive Producer/Writer: Manny Coto

Production Companies: FOX Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television

Executive Producer: Charlie Gogolak

Executive Producers/Directors: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Outmatched Original Series 2019

From Lon Zimmet comes Outmatched, a multi-camera comedy series about a blue-collar husband-wife in Atlantic City making an effort to raise 4 children—three of whom just happen to be proficient geniuses. For most couples, parenting is difficult. But for Maggie Lawson (playing role of Cay) and husband Jason Biggs (playing role of Mike), parenting might as well be enhanced calculus. Coping with the egos and demands of 3 high-IQ kids might be tricky for any parent, but it is particularly dangerous for 2 working stiffs who hardly got through high school. Cay and Mike are committed to bringing some normal-ness to their children’s unconventional, hectic childhoods, but these kids do not make it simple.

Executive Producer/Writer: Lon Zimmet

Production Companies: FOX Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television

Director: Jonathan Judge