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That aspect of human nature, where people can go to any length for survival, is depicted in Shakun Batra’s “Gehraiyaan,” a romantic-drama-entangled-in-relationships film, but on the surface. Love or fear of death, we all have something to fear.

“Gehraiyaan” uses the urban setting to tell the story of two upper-middle-class cousins (sisters) whose past is intertwined with some painful memories and who journey through the present to see the future of this past. Desires to be set free of her prison cell. In addition, there is a past incident that has caused an emotional chasm between the father and daughter, and it is possible that the daughter’s attitude toward her mother’s memories, both good and bad, will shift if this secret is revealed.

Infidelity is not a new theme in Hindi cinema. When it comes to dealing with the subject of infidelity, there has been a variety ranging from comedy to drama to romance to mystery-thrillers, but ‘Depheyaan’ stands out because of its maturity. When romance suddenly transforms into an adrenaline-pumping adventure, “Gehraiyaan” is a good example.

Gehraiyaan Movie Trailer

Gehraiyaan Movie Cast Performance

Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi’s romantic scenes in the film’s trailer and songs are not real. As you’ll see as the film unfolds scene by scene, all of these were intended to deceive. Because of this sudden shift in tone, the viewer is drawn deeper into the story, which was previously mired in romanticism. There are about 2.5 hours of entwined emotions, deep in our hearts, in this film, and even the audience gets the full thrill of romance.

Gehraiyaan Movie Story

There are four main characters in the story of “Gehraiyaan,” Alisha, Tia, Zain, and Karan. All four characters are dealing with some kind of internal conflict. You’re looking for a place to hide from the turmoil in your personal life, but this only complicates things. It’s a family affair. Tia’s fiancee is Jane. Tia was raised by her mother in the United States and does not have a father. As a young entrepreneur and business partner, Jane hopes to make her mark in the world of business. They have a significant stake in the company Tia founded.

Yash Sahay, Ayesha Devitre, and Sumit Roy collaborated with director Shakun Batra on a screenplay that evokes the intensity of a romantic novel in which the plot and characters support one another. ‘Depheyan’s’ most notable feature is its realistic approach to storytelling. The characters’ reactions to various situations, their dialogues, and their gestures appear to be authentic.

Gehraiyaan Movie Review

The Gehraiyaan film is entirely based on the performances and reactions of the actors. The film’s director, Shakun Batra, deserves all the praise for keeping his grip on the reins despite the complexity of the cast and the screenplay.

Gehraiyaan’s cinematography perfectly complements the film’s script. Numerous domestic noir films in Spanish and other foreign languages are available on OTT platforms, with the plots of these films relying heavily on the complexities of characters’ relationships. a film’s complexity.