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Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 4 Movie Release Date, Trailer Review, Story, Cast

‘Krish’ is the moniker that has earned the distinction of being the first on-screen superhero in Bollywood’s over-a-century-long cinematic evolution. We may not have superheroes like Marvel and DC in Hollywood, but our desi ‘Krish’ is no less than anyone else in the world. In the year 2006, we, as viewers, we’re introduced to the film “Krrish.” This Hrithik Roshan franchise film has not only captivated the hearts of children but also of the elderly and the young at heart as well. When the film ‘Krish 3’ was released in the year 2013, it immediately drew comparisons to the superhero film ‘Superman.’

This is why, as soon as the opening credits of ‘Krish 4’ begin to play on Wednesday, everyone’s memories of the masked superhero will be reawakened once more in their minds. Hrithik Roshan has uploaded a video in celebration of the completion of 15 years of ‘Krrish,’ following which there have been rumors of a ‘Krrish 4’ film. Many people may be wondering where the word ‘Krish’ came from and how it came to be used in this context. So let’s take a trip to the drawing-room of our collective memories.

Krrish 4 Movie Trailer

Krrish 4 Movie Story

Since Hrithik Roshan made a hint regarding the possibility of a fourth installment in the Krrish franchise, speculations about the film’s plot have begun. According to the way the plot of this franchise has proceeded, it appears like the tale of ‘Krish 4’ will pick up right where the story of ‘Krish 3’ left off. In other words, Krishna and Priya’s kid Rohit will be the ones to carry on the story. Superpowers were evident from the moment Rohit was born. In such a scenario, Krishna and his son Rohit can be seen engaging in combat with a new antagonist.

Krrish 4 Movie Cast

In addition, it would be interesting to observe how much Priyanka Chopra appears in this film. In addition, given the rise in popularity of Hollywood superhero films in the country over the last nine years, Rakesh Roshan will face a significant challenge in terms of visual effects and action.

Krrish 4 Movie Release Date

While the release date for Krrish 4 has not been officially announced, the latest reports indicate that the film could enter theatres as early as the end of 2022.