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Into The Night Netflix Series Review, Story, Cast Performance

The most ideal approach to depict new Belgian Netflix spine-chiller Into the Night? Speed on a plane during the end of the world. In light of the novel The Old Axolotl by Polish creator Jacek Dukaj, this six-scene arrangement merges a science fiction premise with an emotional sensational component: The sun is slaughtering everybody, so a planeful of individuals must race or kick the bucket!

I had just completed a spectacular sc-fic series and was in a great appetite for something similar. I was excited when I saw the trailer of the new Netflix series Into The Night (originally Belgian, dubbed in English). It was intriguing and had all the elements of an end-of-this-world-drama.

Into The Night Web Series Story

The show begins with a lot of trepidation when a NATO officer hijacks a commercial airplane and directs the flight into the night in fear of an apocalyptic caused by the Sun. It intensifies our apprehension with different characters, their ethnic background, the trauma of the individuals and their need for survival thrives in. Some characters’ lives up to the expectation and others sparkle surprise. They had an amazing plot and a great cast, had they worked on the script, it could have proved phenomenal. The show is exhilarating yet slow and predictable at certain points.

Into The Night Web Series Cast

  • Pauline Etienne
  • Laurent Capelluto
  • Stefano Cassetti
Creators:Jason George

Into The Night Netflix Series Trailer

Into The Night Netflix Series Review

I would recommend you watch it without expecting much. The last episode disappoints you a tad more, cause it touched what you expected. It is a short series with just six episodes, so it can come out of the fast. Enjoy watching and give me your feedback.

First episode date: 1 May 2020
Network: Netflix
Languages: Dutch, French
Genres: Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Drama, Thriller