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MX Player Marathi Series Aani Kay Hava Season 2 Review

Marriage is loaded with shocks in light of the fact that regardless of what you do or to what extent you’ve known one another, you can never totally know an individual. There will consistently be a concealed want, an obscure dread or an unfulfilled wish that you may not think about your cherished. In any case, the best relationships resemble Jui and Saket’s – that is layered with trust, love and a little franticness.

MX Player brings watchers the much-anticipated Season 2 of Aani Kay Hava that investigates what comes next in the life of this wedded couple, after their supernatural firsts.

With the careful steps to remain in and remain safe, we discover much additional time at home with our friends and family and this endearing cut of life dramatization makes certain to keep you engaged for this present week. Coordinated by Varun Narvekar, the 6 wordy Marathi web series will see Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat repeat their job as Jui and Saket. As their marriage becomes more seasoned, Jui and Saket’s bond fortifies with the presentation of new things throughout their life.

MX Player Aani Kay Hava Season 2 Trailer

MX Player Aani Kay Hava Season 2 Review

Explaining on the equivalent, Priya Bapat stated, “Jui and Saket resemble some other wedded couple and the occasions that are acquired alive the scenes make certain to have occurred with you sooner or later in your relationship.”

Umesh Kamat included saying, “It took Priya and me 7 years to rejoin on screen again with S1 and I’m so glad to have S2 return again unexpectedly early. These characters are near our souls and their guiltlessness makes certain to contact your heart, as it mined.”

Director Varun Narvekar finished up saying, “Being hitched implies a lifetime of experience and we’ve attempted to bring alive the little highs of existence with Jui and Saket’s relationship. I accept satisfaction is found in the everyday minutes and this series features precisely that.”

Director: Varun Narvekar
Cast: Umesh Kamat, Priya Bapat
Seasons: 2 (2019, 2020)
Streaming on: MX Player