MX Player Samantar Season 2 Review, Rating, Cast Performace
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MX Player Samantar Season 2 Review, Rating, Cast Performace

Season 1 of MX Player’s original web series Samantar, directed by Satish Rajwade, featured six short episodes. The sequel, directed by Sameer Vidwans, consists of ten episodes with a longer running time. This isn’t a problem because this season, which continues to adapt Suhas Shirwalkar’s novel of the same name, outperforms its predecessor in almost every way.

Kumar Mahajan spent the majority of the first edition looking for Sudarshan Chakrapani. When they finally meet, Sudarshan Chakrapani hands Kumar Mahajan a diary with the following advice: you will learn today what will happen to you tomorrow, but don’t read more than one page at a time. Kumar Mahajan discovers that it is difficult to outrun fate, much like the fairy tale character who nibbles on the enchanted apple too soon or ignores the warning to look over his shoulder.

Samantar Season 2 Cast Performance 

A femme fatale, played by Sai Tamhankar, undoes both men. As Sundara, Tamhankar becomes involved in a murder investigation involving Sudarshan Chakrpani. Tamhankar, like Meera, harms Kumar Mahajan’s reputation and causes friction between him and his adoring wife Nima (Tejaswini Pandit).

Ambar Hadap, who is working on an adaptation of Suhas Shirwalkar’s novel of the same name, is back to stir the pot once more. Satish Rajwade has handed over the director’s chair to Sameer Vidwans.

Samantar Season 2 Trailer

The second season is more eventful but just as repetitive as the first, relying on far too many flashbacks and over-the-top scenes to amp up the tension. Even after ten episodes, the philosophical implications of psychic twinning have not been fully explored. What we’re left with is an entertainingly pulpy but overlong saga of men brought to their knees by foolish ambition and cunning women.

MX Player Samantar Season 2 Review

Swwapnil Joshi, a Marathi film actor, goes to great lengths to play a victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The show’s most memorable character is Sai Tamhankar, who exudes mystery and charisma as the woman of dreams and nightmares. Tejaswini Pandit, who plays Kumar Mahajan’s hapless wife, and Nitish Bharadwaj, who plays Kumar Mahajan’s partner in crime and time, are also excellent.


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