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Netflix Mindhunter Season 2 Review – Is Bill Tench’s Son’s Situation Based On A True Story?

The second season of Netflix’s Mindhunter shifts its focus. In season 1, Jonathan Groff (playing the role of Holden Ford) was the focus as the show. But the second season offers that same treatment to both Holt McCallany (playing the role of Bill Tench) and Anna Torv (playing the role of Wendy Carr) and shifts a little bit away from Holden.

Netflix Mindhunter Season 2 Review

In the second installment of Mindhunter, Bill’s personal story is surrounded by an incident with his son, Zachary Scott Ross (playing role of Brian), which terrorizes to tear the Tench family to pieces. Previously in the first season, the corpse of a kid is discovered in a house that is being sold by Stacey Roca (playing the role of Bill’s wife Nancy), who has begun a job of a realtor. After a quite small investigation, the local cops found that the kid was killed accidentally by some local goons—and Brian was present when it took place.

Netflix Mindhunter Season 2 Trailer

Brian, not having participated in the accidental murder and being so young, is not sent to juvenile detention and charged with a crime. But a social employee harasses the Tench family for the remaining time of the season and the family has to take an appointment weekly with a child psychiatrist. Bill spends each episode evidently speculating if Brian is going to develop to be the type of serial killer that he encounters with during his job.

Netflix Mindhunter Season 2 Release Date

Mindhunter season 2 will premiere on Netflix on August 16. In season 2,

It is a mesmerizing turn of occasions for Mindhunter and the series includes an entire set of layers to Bill as a personality. But there is a huge question that will be on minds of a lot of viewers as they see Mindhunter unfold: is this entire case with Brian based on an actual story?

Netflix Mindhunter Season 2 Review Verdict

Mindhunter is a fascinating beast due to the fact that it is an adaption of actual events—while Wendy, Holden, and Bill are fictionalized variants of actual people. Bill Tench is based on the actual Robert Ressler, and while Ressler had 3 children—two daughters and a son—Bill only has a sole child. And no, as far as viewers are aware, Aaron (Ressler’s son) did not see the murder of a kid when he was a child. Actually, we have not been able to find any real case of one kid murdering another that goes with what took place in Mindhunter.

So, yes, this whole scenario with the Tench family is unique to the web series. And, in our viewpoint, it is a welcome inclusion, offering so much new subtext and text to mull over as our heroes carry on trying to crack the serial killers’ minds. And it makes Bill Tench an even more appealing character as compared to what he was earlier in Mindhunter Season 1.