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Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 Latest Reviews 2019

The first season was an overpowering commercial hit and the second season did not quite cross the same level, but Stranger Things has returned again. And it is good to see the third season is the best of the three.

With a slightly shorter, tighter run of 8 episodes that supervises to tap every emotional aspect of childhood while launching more monsters from the Upside Down, the third season is a fun ride that never lets you down. With renovating assistance of humor, this time Stranger Things aims at what the web series does best.

It is a clever return the Duffer Brothers (for creators), in spite of a creeping yet obvious strain on upping the terrors for the children of Hawkins.

As with the earlier 2 seasons, a threat impends from the generic and murky science-lab realm. People in white coats have ill-recommended designs on Hawkins. In the meantime, those who recall the final shot of season 2 will know that the huge spider-akin Mind Flayer stays trapped but unharmed in the other world. While it bullies the poor residents of Hawkins yet one more time, Billy terrorizes while appearing cool (probably this is what he does best).

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

The threats from this season do not advantage from the fear of the Demogorgons and their versions just are not as scary as they earlier were. On the other hand, our heroes Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, El, and Max are entering a new area. It is called growing into a teenager and the surprise of seeing the teen heroes with deeper and stretched out voiced quickly offers a way to amusement as they make an effort to navigate love and identity.

As season 3 starts, El seems to be on shaky ground. Her world majorly revolves around being Mike’s other half. But, their continuous kissing leads to Hopper go into deep disdain.

Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 Review

The ever-expanding cast comprises Maya Hawke as Robin, an ice cream scooper working with Steve Harrington at a summer job. Harrington is down on his luck and has recently graduated.

Shockingly, a number of the most touching moments arrives from an eating and hard-drinking Hopper, who goes to Joyce for parental consultation. His readiness to move on from everything that has taken place—comprising the loss of his child due to cancer—carries his bad-tempered and stubborn police chief further than his well-recognized Rambo territory. David Harbour requires taking yet one more bow.

While clever children constantly prove their value to the bumbling grown-ups, there is still no escaping a few helpful concurrences.

The sense of fun in this season, along with its multiple odd pair-ups and relationship drama bring touching moments and humor that bring to mind Game of Thrones at its best. While the story moves in tighter spaces and everybody has a job to do in grander events, the conspiracy is just a side project.

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