Sara’s Malayalam Movie OTT Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story

At a time when most films are shot in confined spaces, director Jude Anthany Joseph and his team of Sara’s have finished filming in public spaces such as a mall in Edappally, Kochi Metro, and Wagamon.

Jude says of the film’s production, which stars Anna Ben and Sunny Wayne, “When the story was first narrated to me, it only had a girl’s house and school as the key locales.” But we wanted to enlarge the scope. Nimish Ravi, the cinematographer, is someone who wants his frames to be visually striking, so when a scene comes up, I will suggest that we shoot it on a boat or a metro, and he will gladly agree. As a result, that is how the film came to be.”

The shot, however, was “risky,” and the team “discovered how difficult it would be” when they began filming. “When we were filming in these locations, the people in the background should not have been wearing masks. As a result, the junior performers were performing without masks, which was dangerous because even if one person became infected, it would endanger everyone. Also, by chance, there were no people wearing masks in the frames of the film when we were filming in Wagamon or the roads in Panampilly Nagar in our wide-angle shots,” says the filmmaker.

Sara’s Movie Story

The plot revolves around a young girl’s intriguing love. He meets a girl in the new city who fills him with hope. As a result of a series of unexpected events, things take a new turn.

Sara’s Movie Cast

Sara’s movie cast has Sunny Wayne etc. The movie has leading Malayalam celebrities.
  • Sunny Wayne as a Jeevan
  • Anna Ben
  • Vriddhi Vishal

Saras Release Date

Lead Actor Sunny Wayne has announced that Sara’s film will release on Amazon Prime Video on July 5, 2021.