Upcoming Web Series And Movies On Netflix India In July 2020

With rising coronavirus cases, the weather outside is becoming grim for most Indians. But, the good news is – this is perhaps the best time to sit back, relax, and catch amazing content on streaming platforms online. Streaming platforms like Netflix are having a field day during the crisis, and Netflix has many TV shows, and movies lined up July.

Big-name among these is The Umbrella Academy, Seriously Single, and The Old Guard. Moreover, you will also find great movies like million dollar baby, Fatal Affair, and originals like the Baby-Sitters Club, and DeadWind: season 2, among others. However, there is plenty more to come, and check out the list below to find your favorite.

The Old Guard Movie

The Old Guard promises to be the flavor of this upcoming season. The original Netflix movie is a superhero film based on a pack of mercenaries. The story is a great chance to see long-lost stars like Charlize Theron.

The movie features superheroes who are a relic of lost time and are still immortal in their old age. They continue to find their way through ordinary life, with their wounds, and friendships to heal. As they find their way to glories of ordinary life, their lives are once again thrown into the mix of a new battle. This new-age superhero film will release on July 10.

Seriously Single Movie

Seriously Single is a new-age rom-com that will release on July 31. The film will speak to millions of young singles, who want to embrace singlehood, and our inner desire to find solitude in other’s company.

The story will also feature a beautiful African-American actress, which is a rarity in commercial cinema. The looks of the film are promising and are not the ones to miss out on rom-com lovers.

The Last Dance Series

The Last Dance is an intriguing real-life tale of Chicago Bulls and Micheal Jordan’s journey. In 1997, they allowed a filmmaker to chronicle their real-life journey and stunning insight into the iconic world of professional sports. The docu-series is a ten-part journey, which will cover the entire 97-98 season of Chicago Bulls.