Upcoming Web Series And Movies On Zee5 In July 2020

Zee5 is the go-to prime platform for the TV audience. However, this is all set to change in July 2020 as Zee5 lines up great films like Cocktail, Virgin Bhanupriya, Danny, among others. Great regional films like Nisabdam will also announce their quiet arrival in July.

Nishabdham Movie

Nisabdham is a social drama in Tamil written and directed by Micheal Arun. The film literally translates to Silence, which is an apt title for a sexually abused child. The story delves into deeply disturbing, rarely discussed silence, and narrates the viewers with positive guidance through the child’s parents.

Mafia Web Series

Zee5 is also ready to shed its tag on family entertainment, and nowhere it is more obvious than in Mafia. The series is a thriller, which begins with a friendship of friends who find a way to get into the Madhupur jungles to celebrate their bachelorette party. They walk into the jungle to unleash their animal desires, but as they walk into the mist, their terrifying past finds a way to haunt their lives amidst the darkness.

Bebaakee Web Series

The Bebakee is a tale of two extremely contrasting characters. The characters promise various shades of strong personalities in real life. The main lead or the actress is a simple, and happy to go, lucky girl, who crosses path with her soon-to-be husband from a rich family. Their quest for the truth and their on-going chemistry which comes together in their passion for journalism starts a chain of events that will eventually transform a world of their family, and business.

Piyaa Albela TV Series

If you want to continue watching something special from last month, you should check out Piyaa Albela. The series is the production of Rajshri productions, famous for its iconic films like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, among others.

The series was in the making for eight years and disappeared from television in 2018. The film talks about a deep-divide rarely witnessed on screen, but quite apparent in families across the country. The series features a youngster on path to spirituality, confronted with strong characters who are rooted in practical matters of life like money, family values, among others.