Watchmen HBO Superhero Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer
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Watchmen HBO Superhero Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Adapting Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s Watchmen graphic book has not precisely been good. But HBO has come forward with a sequel in form of TV series for all kinds that commits to keeping the wistfulness of the original while exploring new territory. A complete Comic-Con trailer showed plenty of colorful vigilantes, surrounded in a war with the Tulsa Police Force. In addition to this, the character played by Regina King is a bit different versus the initially thought.

Here are some details about Watchmen that you need to know:

Watchmen HBO Superhero Series Trailer

Just peeking out of the huge shadow by Marvel, HBO made its stance at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Trailers for His Dark Materials, Westworld, and Watchmen all gave some expectations to the Game of Thrones void. (In the meantime, the SDCC panel for Game of Thrones carried on offering premium drama.)

The newest trailer for Watchmen provides a profound look into plot info, comprising a clarification of why the cops of this world use yellow masks—to defend their identities from attacks by vigilantes. One of the most thrilling footages is a scene of a blue handpicking a blue mask up. Is the space-touring Dr. Manhattan prepared to deploy life back from the red planet?

Watchmen HBO Superhero Series Teaser

The first look at the 8-episode adaptation by HBO shows that there is not just one Rorschach mask-using vigilante in the series. In fact, there is a whole underground society. Their speaker (shown at the very starting of the trailer) states, “We are no one, we are everyone and we are invisible.”

That does not look good for the fate of this substitute universe, where the “hiding” vigilantes, or superheroes relying on how you see at them, seems to be performing an uprising that might result into a “considering” and battle with the Tulsa Police Force. The threatening chanting of “ticktock, ticktock” surely gives a chill.

Watchmen HBO Superhero Series Release date

HBO has verified that Lindelof’s “renovation” is launching in October this year, and as per IMDb, the first season will have 8 episodes, each one an hour long. Hence, there is huge screen time for a huge bunch of characters.

For those who are not aware, HBO is a subscription platform that provides both streaming and cable with HBO.

Good news for soundtrack aficionados notes that composers Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor of The Social Network are in the team.

An HBO veteran from Lindelof’s The Leftovers and Westworld, Nicole Kassell, helms the series. Lindelof commended Kassell for her work, posting a post on Instagram in June last year. The post claimed: “Yesterday, she called a wrap on the pilot of Watchmen… and let there be no doubt — she WAS the pilot, navigating our owl ship flawlessly from takeoff to landing.”

Well, fans all over the world will have their eyes set on the series. Till then, you can add extra info and fun facts about the series in the comments section below.


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