Zee5 is launching the first online Bhalla Calling Bhalla Web Series

While the coronavirus lockdown has broken the back of the cinema and TV industry, the OTT platform has become silver. During the lockdown period, OTT platforms have attracted a lot of people, due to which these platforms are also bringing new content for viewers. Now, Zee5 has announced the ‘Bhalla Calling Bhalla’ web series.

Zee5 Bhalla Calling Bhalla Story

The peculiarity of this series is that it has been shot entirely online. All the actors in the series shot from their home and sent the footage, which was then mixed through editing. Bhalla is an upper-middle-class Punjabi family, living in Gurugram. Although they look normal at first glance, it is an unorganized family.

It is a lockdown special series of 12 episodes. Each episode is around a period of 7 to 8 minutes. The lockdown has made the family realize the need to be with each other. This web series is based on this message.

Zee5 Bhalla Calling Bhalla Cast

The web series features Lubna Salim as Mrs. Lovely Bhalla, Rajesh Kumar as Mr. Bhalla, Linesh Mattoo as son Sahil Bhalla, Gracie Goswami as daughter Lisa aka Arundhati Bhalla and Gaurav Singh as the brother of Mrs. Bhalla. Gera will be seen.

Due to the lockdown, Mrs. Bhalla is scheduled to have family video calls on her calendar every day, as she is multi-tasking. From cooking, cleaning and discussing with relatives to forcing the family to be a part of the online Satsang, the Bhalla family has a new topic to talk and talk about every time.

Zee5 Bhalla Calling Bhalla Release Date

Amidst all this, the family also goes through an emotional wave which makes it a fantastic family entertainment web series. Bhalla Calling Bhalla will premiere on Zee5 in May 2020. The release date will be announced soon.