Zee5 Pitchers Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Review

This week, the Zee5 Pitchers season 2 will be available on a popular streaming service. After almost seven years since the first season was uploaded to YouTube in 2015, the second season is about to start. One of the four original cast members, Jitendra Kumar (also known as Jitu), may not be in the series this time, according to a trailer that was just put online.

Ashneer Grover Entry in Pitchers Season 2

Ashneer Grover, who used to be the MD of BharatPe, will now be seen in the second season of the popular show TVF Pitchers. Before that, he was on Shark Tank India. This was said by Grover in a tweet. He posted the show’s trailer and wrote, “Jab Tak Hai Grover, it’s not over! From December 23, you can watch the new season of TVF Pitchers on Zee5.

Then, he says, “Thank God Ashneer Grover wasn’t there.” Just like this lift, our business is going down. As people start to leave the lift, Grover shows up and says his famous line, “Bhai, Tu kya kar raha hai?” Then he says, “I know talent when I see it.” As long as Grover is there, it’s not over. He asks them when they want to pitch and where.

Pitchers Season 2 Trailer 

Zee5 Pitchers Season 2 Cast

For those who don’t know, the web series is about four friends who start a new business. Arunabh, Jitendra, Naveen Kasturia, and Abhay Mahajan play the four friends. Jitendra is missing from season 2, but Arunabh, Naveen, and Abhay are all back. Many people thought that this meant he wouldn’t be back on the series.

Zee5 Pitchers Season 2 Release Date

When it started in 2015, this was one of the first Hindi web series. It was a surprise hit, and that made it a cult favorite. Many people have wondered over the years if it would ever come back.

The second season of TVF Pitchers will start on Zee5 on December 23. This series is about new businesses and how they get started. The show is about the problems that startups have to deal with. The show’s first season came out in 2015, and it was a big hit. People are just as excited about season 2 as they were about season 1.