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Zee5 Phone-a-Friend Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Review

What will you do if your phone suddenly starts talking to you just like a normal human being? Confused, what am I talking about? Don’t worry, I am all in my senses, but this is what the new web series of Zee5 depicts. The latest presentation of Zee5, Phone-a-Friend, is a humorous story of friendship and romance between a cellphone, a guy, and a girl. The concept of the show is unique and never been seen before.

Phone-a-Friend Release Date

The trailer launch of ZEE5’s Phone-A-Friend had created a lot of buzz among the audiences. And the same is happening after the premiering of the series on April 7, 2020.

Phone-a-Friend Cast

The sci-fi romantic comedy series is directed by Allyson Patel and Yash Dave with production by Utopia films and co-production by Ashish Mittal, Surabhi Mittal, and Anish N Surana. The actor and actress playing the leading roles in the series are Akhlaque Khan as college professor Varus, Swati Kapoor as Jiya, and RJ Mantra as Leonardo (cellphone).

Zee5 Phone-a-Friend Trailer

Phone-a-Friend Story

The show depicts the story of Varun, a college professor, who out of the blue recognizes that his cellphone is capable of talking back to him. As time passes, Varun’s phone becomes his buddy and also supports him to impress the love of his life, Jiya. The comedy cum sci-fi series will surely keep the watchers engaged as they move forward to ponder whether the cellphone is a bane or boon in their lives.

Zee5 Phone-a-Friend Review

This latest Zee5 series is a complete entertainment package with sufficient emotional outbursts and complex circumstances. This screenplay depicts one of the prodigious works of sci-fi televised on the web so for. Also, the message it conveys is very influential—environmental cognizance, together with the touch of truth that though machinery can perform the task with much speed & accuracy compared to manual work, if their cardinal rule is wrecked even once, they can cause devastation more than humans.

I hope you all like this out-of-the-box science fiction and also that Zee5 keeps us entertaining with more such series.