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Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Series Review, Story, Plot, Cast

The REJCTX made a comeback on Zee5 with season 2 that had promised to be bolder and darker compared to its previous season. In season 1, we saw instances of bullying, fat-shaming, kidnapping, gun violence, and illegitimate teacher-student relationships in school. But was season 2 able to garner some applause? Let’s see.

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Series Review

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Story

REJCTX 2 went on air on 14 May 2020 on the platform and starts from the cliffhanger end of the first season. Aarav (portrayed by Ahmed Masi Wali) tries to his father by shooting him but only his arm is wounded by the gun and no one was slain. Aarav is tagged as a loser by his father and also gets taunted for being unsuccessful to kill him. Aarav turns to school for a new semester and starts his relationship with Kiara (played by Anisha Victor). Officer Rene (played by Esha Gupta) is being called upon to investigate the so-called suicide death of Anushka. Officer Rene discovers that Aarav and Anushka were in relation. Other misconducts in the school again direct at Aarav. In the meanwhile, Aarav and his friends are supposedly seen blackmailed by a covert Mr. X, whose intentions are uncertain.

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Cast Performances

  • Esha Gupta
  • Sameet Vyas
  • Masi Wali
  • Anisha Victor
  • Saadhika Syal
  • Ayush Khurana
  • Prabhneet Singh
  • Ridhi Khakhar
  • Tanvi Shinde
  • Pooja Sundar Shetty

The actors playing students don’t seem to be dull lacking enthusiasm. Also, the talented Sumeet Vyas doesn’t seem to able to pull off the character very well of anxiety-galloped Vice-Principal.

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Trailer

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Direction

The plots and subplots of the series are lodged over 8 episodes. This mixture of love and dhokha with a pinch of music is draining, particularly as the story’s key focus is illuminated only in the fifth episode. Though the emphasis should have stayed on “Who killed Anushka Rao?” the reason behind bringing Officer Rene into the play– but the motive goes astray in the effort to layer the series.

Zee5 RejctX Season 2 Verdict

The purpose of REJCTX 2 was attention-grabbing. Nonetheless, the performance made the web series an average.

WSR Rating 3/5

Platform : Zee5

Language : Hindi

Cast : Sumeet Vyas, Kubbra Sait, Khalid Siddiqui, Anisha Victor, Ahmed Masi Wali, Ridhi Khakhar, Pooja Shetty, Saadhika Syal, Prabhneet Singh, Ayush Khurrana, Esha Gupta & others

Directors : Goldie Behl

Producer/s : Goldie Behl, Abdul Aziz Makani and Shradha Behl Singh

Cinematographer : Himanshu Dubey

Production House : Rose Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd.

Music : Adrija Gupta, Sneha Khanwalkar

Total number of seasons : 2

Season No.: 2

Total number of episodes : 15

No. of episodes this season : 5

Episode Duration (minutes) : 35

Digital Premiere Date : May 14, 2020