Apharan Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Trailer

Apharan Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Trailer

“The success of Apharan Sabka Katega has made me a relaxed human being! The feeling cannot be explained. The immense response that we have got will offer me the confidence to write more stuff similar to this in future and to make it as well,” claimed producer Sidharth Sengupta to the media.

But when asked about the season 2 of the series, he refused to answer about it for now.

He further added, “You must be speculating as to why I am stating so. Well, there is a reason behind this! And after offering my 2 decades to the television sector, I never ever pictured that my work on television might be witnessed as a stigma. All of a sudden, there comes a stage wherein you are not taken into consideration due to your TV expertise. I might say the primary reason for me to do a web-show is to endure.”

Sengupta further claimed, “People should know that the media of TV, radio, web-series, and films differ. There is a different type of requirement for each medium and the supply is also separate. I think it is not fair to get confused among media and judge users consequently. TV scripts require a different take and the narrating is not simple at all. Whoever seems down upon TV, I will need to ask them to author a few episodes of a show. Believe me, it is very hard to characterize a show into a few episodes. It is a pure talent that drives users to do this and be successful in it. So when I was operating on Apharan, the fear of being placed into the bracket of being a television person.”

Apharan Season 2 Release Date

“Speaking of Apharan, I am thankful to the users for giving all the response. The moment Mohinder Pratap Singh told the idea to me, I knew there was intelligence in it. And at that very second, I knew I needed to do it. The story of making this web show for ALT Balaji has been interesting. We first worked on the screenplay and that was when I embroiled the intelligent Varun Badola for dialogues in the series. For the final 4 episodes, I used the super talented Umesh Padalkar, the super talented director and creator of Dhadkan and Kagaar, for the screenplay. The writing took over 6 months. We all spent utmost time on the script together,” he claimed.

In my opinion, the USP of the show lies in its hard-core context. I believed in all the films I have seen from my childhood while creating it. I have always been attracted to the plots that films offer. Keeping this in mind, I tested a lot with the crossover of the genre. The concept of mixing comedy with hardcore action was surely a huge danger but the credit goes to Ekta Kapoor for backing it as she was very certain that she needed just that and was all set to take the danger.


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