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Netflix Fauda Season 3 Review, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Story, Release Date

After two extraordinary seasons, Fauda is back with Season 3  all 13 episodes being released on Netflix on 16 April 2020, at once. In this season, most of the characters from previous installments are back.

Dark (Raz) and his team: Steve, Avishai, Eli, Sagi and Nurit. When the season starts, Nurit (Rona-Lee Shim’ on) has retired, and is engaged to a nice young civilian, much to Sagi’s despair. Steve (Doron Ben-David) and his wife have a colicky baby, making Steve grateful to be on duty again. Eli (Yaakov Zada Daniel) is in charge of the team.

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Trailer

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Release Date

Fauda season 3 will be released on April 16, 2020Netflix will be releasing all 13 episodes of the new series at once.

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Plot

The third installment of FAUDA takes place in the Gaza Strip, which is a Palestinian territory on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and borders Egypt and Israel.

In season three, Doron is deep undercover in the West Bank. He’s been there for six months and posing as an Israeli Arab boxing instructor in a sports club belonging to a low-level Hamas member, an honest man named Bashar (Ala Dakka). Bashar — whose father, Jihad Hamdan (Khalifa Natour), has spent 20 years in jail for his involvement with a Palestinian terrorist cell, seemingly he is in search of a father figure, a role that Doron comes to fill while accepting him as his son. Sometime after Jihad been released from jail, Doron’s uncertain situation delivers as his unit discovers that Bashar’s cousin helped smuggle Hamas’ commandos into the West Bank.

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Review

Unfortunately, the events of Fauda season 3 are repetitive of earlier seasons and therefore season 3 lacks emotional heft. We’ve already seen the team fight terrorists, succeed against suicidal odds, and lose people they love. But what stands out in this season is how fruitless the team’s efforts are. Wherever they kill a terrorist, another one arises, and the collateral damage of their methods ends up active a new generation of young Palestinian men.

However, we periodically get circumstances that feel like remakes of similar scenes in previous episodes. But despite it, the raised stakes and relatively heightened tension make Fauda worth watching.

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Cast

Raz has done a fantastic job, he totally immersed in the character. As most of the actors are encoring their role from previous seasons so all of the land good support.

  • Lior Raz
  • Hisham Sulliman
  • Shadi Ma’ari
  • Laëtitia Eïdo
  • Tzachi Halevy
  • Yuval Segal
  • Neta Gerti
  • Tomer Kapon

Netflix Fauda Season 3 Direction 

Direction deserves a lot of praise. He has handled the subject with immense sensitivity and proves that his understanding of human emotions is superb.