Zee5 Kaun Banegi Shikharwati Review, Cast Performance, Star Ratring

If you want to start the new year on OTT with good entertainment, then you should stop right now. Duped: You will be fooled in Kaun Banegi Shikharwati People used to live here, but now it’s been turned into a mess. Most of the time, it will only take you time to watch 10 half-hour episodes, and you won’t get what you want in return.

People don’t laugh very much in the first episode of Zee5’s web series, but it’s worth it because it’s so long. Smile well, but don’t laugh. There’s no time when you can do both. But the real surprise comes when Naseeruddin Shah keeps laughing in all of the scenes with a Chacha Chaudhary-style moustache stuck on him. As long as there’s no reason to laugh. Not even seeing him in this style makes him laugh.

Zee5 Kaun Banegi Shikharwati Story

First of all, the title of this web series is ridiculous, and the storey on it is a little too long. Ananya Banerjee and Gaurav K. Chawla were friends with people in the entertainment business for a few years, so he passed this half-waste subject to the people who made his first movie, Baazaar (2018, Saif Ali Khan). This is what the producers did to Zee5 when they saw it.

There is a sahib named Mrityunjay Shikharwat who is the king of this game-playing web show (Naseeruddin Shah). His four daughters were very angry and left him six years ago because they didn’t like him. He didn’t pay the property tax on this palace for a long time, and now it’s close to Rs 32 crore.

Zee5 Kaun Banegi Shikharwati Trailer

Zee5 Kaun Banegi Shikharwati Cast

Cast real nameCast roleplay name
Raja Mrityunjay Singh ShikharwatiNaseeruddin Shah
Devyani Shikharwat GoelLara Dutta Bhupathi
Gayatri ShikharwatSoha Ali Khan
Kamini ShikharwatKritika Kamra
Uma ShikharwatAnya Singh
MishrajiRaghubir Yadav
Harsh GoelCyrus Sahukar
Roop SinghVarun Thakur

Kaun Banegi Shikharwati is a storey like this one, but there is nothing real about it. It was pulled by chewing, like Cheungam, leaving no juice in the storey. The princesses were competing with each other, so they pulled the web series by chewing. You won’t find a lot of humour or romance in this book. There are no thrills, no action, no emotions. There is nothing else to say. It is good for the actors in web series like this to be able to work rather than stay at home and watch TV all day.

Zee5 Kaun Banegi Shikharwati Review

The money came when I got the job. During my free time, I went to the city with the place. There hasn’t been anything interesting in his account from these kinds of shows. Having a bad name is different. Naseeruddin Shah and Raghubir Yadav are cooked rice, and when they do something, they add flavour to it with their work. Same here. For his work, you can’t watch this show. Better works already have his name on them.