MX Player Aashram Season 3 Review, Cast Performance, Story, Rating

Prakash Jha still has a lot more tests for his fans to take. In the third season, he changed the name of his MX Player show “Ashram” to “Ek Badnaam Ashram.” Seeing all 10 episodes is a challenge in and of itself. And after seeing it, it doesn’t make sense that the same Prakash Jha won the National Film Award for Best Screenplay.

Most of the time, things go wrong. Cinema also only learns from its mistakes. Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ek Badnaam Ashram’ is his third major mistake after ‘Satyagraha’ and ‘Jai Gangaajal’. In the eyes of the world, all the most exciting stories about the crimes of Babas or religious leaders who roam as saints have been written for the screen. People also liked them, but the handwriting in the web series “Ek Badnaam Ashram” kills the most.

Aashram Season 3 Story

Because he didn’t have any integrity as a director, the character Baba Nirala, which he made in the first season of this show based on the behavior and clothes of alleged religious leaders in jails around the country, always seemed fake. At the end of the second season, Pammi gets away from him. Half of the third season is about how the two of them are stuck in a rat-cat race. Baba thinks that he needs to bring his brand back to life, so he hires professionals to do this. And the story comes to a stop. It looks like Prakash Jha will make at least one more season, and who knows, maybe he shot two seasons at the same time as he did last time.

Bobby Deol’s Acting

Be it the need to watch all 10 episodes of the web series “Ek Badnaam Ashram” or the fact that you can’t stop thinking about its two main actors, Bobby Deol and Chandan Roy Sanyal. Both of them seem to be trying to put their lives into a bad screenplay that is based on a weak story. Since the first season, Bobby Deol’s look has been a surprise. Bobby Deol’s acting skills were shown to the world through the role of a bad, sneaky, possessive, and lustful Baba.

People also knew this, but they need to hear more stories that fit their personalities. In “Love Hostel,” he has lost everything he gained in “Class of 83.” Bhopa Swami, who is just as strong as Baba Nirala, has been in this story from the beginning. In the third season, Chandan Roy Sanyal, who plays Bhopa Swami, seems to be too much for Bobby to handle in every scene, thanks to his energy and acting skills.

Aashram Season 3 Trailer

Aashram Season 3 Women Cast

By the third season of the web series “Ek Badnaam Ashram,” Prakash Jha had lost his sight, which earned him respect in the film industry. Yeh Nazar is meant to give the women in the story their own personalities. In this scene, every female character in the whole series gets an X-ray from a man’s point of view. He even gave Esha Gupta a point of view that hurts the honor of her character.

Aditi Pohankar’s story about how she became an actress is now a lie. They always say the same things in every scene. Tridha Choudhary’s work has gotten better, and Anurita Jha’s short role has also left its mark. If Anurita gets good roles, she could become the next “Radhika Apte” of digital. This time, Anupriya Goenka, Darshan Kumar, and Adhyayan Suman are not important at all.

Aashram Season 3 Review

The episodes of “Ek Badnaam Ashram” are very long, and it looks like Prakash Jha did a little more work after saying “action” and then came back and said “cut.” Scenes go on and on and on, but luckily, OTT also has a fast-forward button. Since the director, who is in charge of the show, has lost control of it, it is not fair to blame the rest of the technical team. This show is very dull. You shouldn’t bother with this.