MX Player Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story Prediction

MX player has released several original web series in a while and one has grabbed much of the attention of the audiences, Ek Thi Begum. The show has been appreciated for its remarkable storyline and performances. Sachin Darekar has directed the 14 episode web series and aired on April 8, 2020. However, the dramatic end of the series has given high hopes for Ek Thi Begum Season 2.

Ek Thi Begum Season 1 Plot

The plot of the crime drama is about Ashraf (portrayed by Anuja Sathe) who takes in the vengeance game against the gangsters that murdered her husband. For this, she takes on a new identity as a bar dancer, Sapna. And one by one executed planned slaying of all responsible for her husband’s death. The show is loaded with reckless gangsters, compromised politicians, dishonest policemen, truth-seeking reporters, and bar dancers.

At the end of the series, Ashraf plans to kill Maqsood in Sharjah stadium, as he is likely to come there for watching the India Pakistan cricket match. There’s a twist, Sapna’s real identity comes to the forefront, but before Tawde could do anything, he is brutally killed by Sapna. What’s next in the stores? At the last episode’s climax, Ashraf is attacked by some unknown men at her house and seems to have got badly injured in the fight. The attackers leave the house thinking Ashraf is dead.

Hold on, the story is yet to end, as the cover is dropped with Ashraf gasping and possibly she will be back to complete her revenge tale.

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Cast

  • Anuja Sathe
  • Rajendra Shisatkar
  • Ankit Mohan
  • Vivek Aapte
  • Raju Aathavle
  • Vaibhav Ambekar
  • Amitraj
  • Anjali Banerjee
  • Ritesh Bene
  • Abhijeet Chavan
  • Apurva Choudhary
  • Adwait Dadarkar
  • Suhas Deshpande
  • Deepti Dhotre
  • Ajay Gehi
  • Pratibha Goregaonkar
  • Sajid Hussain
  • Suchit Jadhav
  • Raghu Jagtap
  • Abhijeet Jhunjaarrao
  • Santosh Juvekar
  • Mitali Kalaagi
  • Sagar Kale
  • Vitthal Kale
  • Pratap Kalke
  • Deepak Karanjikar
  • Nasirr Khan
  • Aashay Kulkarni
  • Vishal Kulthe
  • Prashant Loke
  • Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Ratnakant Nadkarni
  • Anil Nagarkar
  • Vijay Nikam
  • Sanketh Pathak
  • Kishore Pednekar
  • Doiphode Pradip
  • Mahesh Rahale
  • Asit Redij
  • Resham
  • Ashok Sawant
  • Vikas Sonawne
  • Ashutosh Suryavanshi
  • Amir Tadwalkar
  • Kalyani Venkatesh
  • Aslam R. Wadkar
  • Shivraj Walvekar

You can expect to see the Ek Thi Begum Season 1 cast continuing their respective roles in the second installment as well.

Ek Thi Begum Season 1 Trailer

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Story Prediction

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Release Date

Considering the thrilling climax, the makers would surely come up with a sequel of the web series in April 2021. Though no official announcement has been made about Ek Thi Begum Season 2, we can hope to get one soon. Stay tuned!