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Netflix Money Heist Season 3 Review 2019

The Netflix Money Heist Season 3 is a blockbuster package with nail-biting theft, a leader who can escape the most difficult situations, a thief full of character and a place of tickling romance.

Creator: Álex Pina
Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño, Álvaro Morte
Seasons: 3 (2017-2019)

Netflix Money Heist Season 3 Review

El Professor and his gang return for the season 3 of the Spanish show La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist in English on Netflix. Praised as a Prisoner of this generation, this is one of the most watched non-English series on Netflix.

El Professor is the greatest mastermind of this century. The last season ended with him and his gang seizing Spain worth 2.4 billion euros. However, if there is something this event has taught us, that is the wrong plan. Fortunately, the Professor has a backup plan for almost every bad situation. Every time you think the Professor has been pushed to a corner where he can’t escape, he slides out. Like when Coronel Tamayo, the leader of the investigation, violated the protocol, arrested the Professor, who expected the police to read the book, surprisingly. However, the Professor and his gang responded in unconventional ways and reversed their destiny, thus continuing their game of cat and mouse with law enforcement.

If seasons one and two are about running away with crime disguised as the face of resistance to the system, the third season is about declaring war on it. It began with one of the main gang members being arrested and that was a good enough reason for the Professor to get his crew back to save the captured member by robbery. This time the Spanish Bank is the target.

Netflix Money Heist Season 3 Trailer

Like the previous seasons, this story follows a non-linear structure, skipping in time from the theft execution phase to the planning stage and back again.

The highlight of this season is the formation of police investigator Alicia Sierra as Professor’s enemy. Actor Najwa Nimri made his presence felt when he described a strong female policeman who refused to play the second violin to anyone. The relationship between characters also adds drama but without overshadowing the main narrative arc.

As viewers know, gang members are named according to the city. The romance between Tokyo and Rio was a hit this season and Nairobi and Helsinki had an adorable friendship. Mónica Gaztambide, who was a civilian in the first robbery and joined the gang after falling to Denver is now named Stockholm.