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Amazon Prime Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review, Cast, Story, Plot

The movie ponmagal vandhal came as Jodhika’s lawyer in the debut of Surya’s 2D Entertainment Production directed by JJ Frederick. The film also stars Bhagyaraj, Pandiyarajan, Pratap Pothan, Thyagarajan and Parthiban.

The film has been released directly on the OTT site, Amazon, as curfew theaters have closed. The film was released 29 May despite heavy opposition from the theater owners.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Plot

The central theme of the film is the sexual harassment of girls. The film is framed with the idea that women should come out bravely to tear down the guise of escaping criminals, using the safety ring as a general thought that women will never come forward to express their misery.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Story

The film begins with a woman named Jyoti being confronted by a policeman for kidnapping 5 children 15 years ago in Ooty. Later, Bhaktiraj’s daughter, Venka (Jodhika), who becomes Bethuraj, issuing the court. There is fierce opposition among the parents of the slain children and the townspeople. Thiagarajan arrives as a villain, defeats him

It is easy to predict that the hero/heroine side will win, as is usually the case with court cases. By the beginning of the film, it is easy to speculate that Thiagarajan and his children were involved.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Climax

While it is easy to predict the climax that will come out in white and Jodhikadan will win, the screenplay in between should be tied to the audience. But in the script, there is no magic. Moving on like the usual revenge story.

Jodhika, who plays the role of Venba and Jyoti in two roles, is only attracted to certain scenes. In particular, Sean breaks up the truth that I am the daughter of the slain Jodi, and in the courtroom, Sean is provoking Tyagarajan and revealing the truth through his mouth. Similarly, Jodhika shines in Jyoti ransom scene with her abducted daughter.

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Trailer

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Cast

  • Jyothika as Venba
  • Parthiban as Rajarathinam
  • Bhagyaraj as ‘Petition’ Pethuraj
  • Thiagarajan as Varadharajan
  • Pandiarajan as Karpooram
  • Pratap Pothen as Judge
  • Vasuki
  • Vidya Pradeep as Sakthi Jothi
  • Gajaraj
  • Akshara Kishor

Ponmagal Vandhal Movie Review

Parthiban, who comes as a lawyer in the opposition, says that his own nihilistic style of advocacy in the courtroom is entertaining in some places. While Parthiban is aware of the fact that Jyoti’s real daughter is not Venba, it is the only unexpected twist in the film, which is presented in court and that does not save Tyagarajan. Bhagyaraj, Pandiyarajan, Pratap Pothan and Thiyagarajan have played the role.

Just as women tell their children how to use men, the message that men learn how to look and how to treat women can be seen as important for the present.

Release date: May 2020 (India)
Director: J.J. Fredrick
Producer: Suriya
Production company: 2D Entertainment