Vidya Balan’s Shakuntala Devi Movie Review – Genius, Stubbornness and Arrogance

Shakuntala Devi’s brain used to run faster than a computer. She used to play with numbers. She used to solve the biggest questions in a pinch. She was considered the link after Aryabhata and Ramanujam. His name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Been honored with many awards. Shakuntala Devi has made a film on her life.

This is the story of an extraordinary talent-rich woman who is looking for love. She kept thinking why she could not live her way? It is said that he comes ahead of us as we do. It is understandable how much crime the mother hates when she does not want to have any relation with her daughter Shakuntala Devi. The problem remains the same in Shakuntala’s life. Of love, of faith, of loneliness. Stubbornness and arrogance keep causing problems again and again.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Trailer

Vidya Balan has done a great job in the film. It is believed that mathematicians are serious, but in personal life, Shakuntala Devi’s sense of humor was appreciated. However, the film has been shown to be more blatant. In one step of the dance, there is a slight glimpse of the dirty picture.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Cast

  • Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi
  • Spandan Chaturvedi as teenage Shakuntala
  • Araina Nand as child Shakuntala
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Paritosh Banerji, Shakuntala’s husband
  • Sanya Malhotra as Anupama Banerji, Shakuntala’s daughter
  • Chahat Tewani as young Anupama
  • Amit Sadh as Ajay Abhaya Kumar, Anupama’s husband
  • Prakash Belawadi as Bishaw Mitra Mani, Shakuntala’s father
  • Sheeba Chaddha as Tarabai, Shakuntala’s landlady in London

The rest of the characters have also acted well. Sanya Malhotra has also attracted attention in the role of Shakuntala’s daughter Anu. She has been successful in bringing the pain that occurs between a mother and father to a divided son and daughters.

How the mother becomes an astrologer and leader from a player of numbers. With this, how much life becomes lonely, it can be seen in Anu’s eyes. But the film rests on Vidya’s shoulders.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Review

Overall, this movie is worth watching once. The story of an extraordinary woman who struggled to find love all her life. He tried hard to improve himself but his extraordinary talent did not let him bow down. She could not be with her parents. Husband’s love could not be found for a lifetime.