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MX Player Orignal Pawan and Pooja Web Series Cast, Review, Release Date

Love, throughout the years, has been characterized as a feeling that draws out the best in individuals, the very idea of the individual you love will carry a grin to your face, butterflies in your stomach and moment yearning to be near them. In any case, is that all it is? An upbeat feeling? Rather than being unqualified, unbreakable and obvious – now and again, love bombs just to be reawakened once more, it breaks bonds to manufacture new ones and it wrecks lives yet at the same time brings trust! This relationship dramatization investigates the lives of 3 couples – all coincidently named Pawan and Pooja who at various phases of their lives find that their adoration is in reality restrictive, weak and flawed.

MX Player Orignal Pawan and Pooja Season 1

Pawan and Pooja Episode 1 – Meet The Couples

The main scene of MX Originals web series Pawan and Pooja begins with the prologue to the three focal couples, Pawan Kalra and Pooja Kalra, a white collar class cherishing couple in their 60s, Pawan Mehra and Pooja Mehra, a Bollywood associated couple in their 40s, and Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari, in their 20s who meet as a result of Pooja Maheshwari’s online networking influencer and fashionista status. In what manner will the three lives change in the wake of coming in contact with one another?

MX Player Orignal Pawan and Pooja Season 1 Trailer

The gathering and the meeting up!

Pawan Kalra and his better half Pooja are welcome to a gathering tossed by Pawan’s closest companion. Since it is a filmi party, numerous visitors associated with the Indian Film Industry, Bollywood, are likewise part of the list of people to attend, including Pawan Mehra and his significant other Pooja Mehra. Pawan Shrivastav additionally makes it to the list of people to attend as he is searching for the online networking influencer and fashionista Pooja Maheshwari to underwrite a brand. As the three couples meet up at the filmi party and their lives get interweaved by destiny or fortuitous event. Catch Pawan and Pooja web show the most recent scene video on MX Player and see what thrill ride anticipates the three couples.

Pawan and Pooja Episode 2 – No More Regrets

After the gathering, Pawan Kalra has managed the stunning updates on his closest companion’s abrupt demise, constraining him to self-introspect about his own life. After understanding that life is flighty and can end whenever he concludes that he wouldn’t like to have any second thoughts throughout his life. He makes a rundown of things he needs to achieve so that there are no second thoughts, with the assistance of his better half Pooja. Where will this ‘No Regrets’ rundown lead him?

The Swinging and The Living Together!

After the gathering, Pawan and Pooja Mehra are compelled to consider their wedded life and the confusions they face in it. They begin contrasting their wedded existence with their companions and keeping in mind that Pawan chooses to come to terms with it calling it a schedule, Pooja chooses to acquire some fervor their life by proposing they swing with different couples. In the interim, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari run into a top ability director, Vishal Saxena, who enlists them to be a piece of a live spilling based unscripted TV drama which makes the ungainly couple to live-in together.

Pawan and Pooja Episode 3 – Attached

Pawan and Pooja Kalra begin working through their ‘No Regrets’ rundown in the most amusing way they can think of. While experiencing the rundown, Pawan begins pondering about his child and in the event that he made the best decision in her own life by making a’s girl extremely upset, out of the blue. While contemplating that very inquiry, Pooja begins to consider her own past. In the interim, Pawan Mehra and Pooja Mehra are called to the school that their youngster joins in. What are the questions Pawan Kalra is having? What is the explanation behind which Pawan and Pooja Mehra are called to the school?

The Embarrassment and The Confrontation!

After Pawan Mehra and his significant other Pooja, are called to the school for a PTA meeting, they wind up confronting shame and Pooja Mehra lashes out at her better half. Subsequent to confronting Pooja’s resentment alongside the recently examined thought of swinging, Pawan Mehra winds up undermining his significant other. In the interim, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari begin living respectively uncovering some private subtleties of one another’s lives. Pawan’s closeness with his family begins irritating Pooja as she has never had that sort of closeness with her family and she winds up having a showdown with her family over the equivalent. What will happen to Pawan and Pooja Mehra after his cheating? What is Pooja Maheshwari wanting to accomplish with her family?

Pawan and Pooja Episode 4 – Who Do You Love?

Pawan Kalra and Pooja Kalra are caught up with checking their ‘No Regrets’ rundown and one of Pooja’s things comes up on the rundown. To confirm Pooja Kalra’s disappointment with the rundown, the old couple chooses to take an excursion to Sula Vineyards. Inconveniences come up during their excursion when Pawan Kalra’s prostate fires misbehaving and Pooja makes a recommendation to him which causes him to lose his cool. In the meantime, after Pawan Mehra’s demonstration of infidelity, he and Pooja Mehra choose to effectively enjoy swinging and begin searching for other sexual accomplices. What will occur between the caring older couple during their excursion? Will Pawan and Pooja Mehra’s swinging improve their hitched life?

The Story of The Firsts!

In the wake of choosing to effectively swing with others and couples, Pawan and Pooja Mehra set out to search for the thing they feel is absent from their hitched life. Nonetheless, to conceal any hint of failure and not feel like a washout, Pawan Mehra chooses to shroud the subtleties of his originally bombed endeavor at swinging. In the meantime, subsequent to living-in together and drawing nearer to one another, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari participate in physical closeness and Pawan loses his virginity to Pooja, just to find a stunning snippet of data later. What occurs among Pawan and Pooja Mehra when they go out searching for different accomplices? What is the stunning point of interest that Pawan Shrivastav gets some answers concerning Pooja Maheshwari?

Pawan and Pooja Episode 5 – What’s Your Secret?

While at Sula Vineyards to verify Pooja Kalra’s thing from the ‘No Regrets’ rundown, Pawan Kalra acquaints her with a youthful lodging chief at Sula, Mehak. While a clueless Pooja takes a moment trying to please youthful supervisor Mehak, she gets a colossal stun after an unbelievable mystery about Mehak is uncovered. In the meantime, Pooja Mehra becomes weary of the swinging and gets the inclination that her wedded life was the place she found a sense of contentment and chooses to return to Pawan Mehra to give their marriage another possibility. What is the immense mystery about Mehak that is uncovered to Pooja Kalra? In what manner will it influence her existence with Pawan Kalra? Will Pawan Mehra acknowledge Pooja back after she was the person who started swinging?

The Apology and The Revenge Plan!

In the wake of understanding her mix-up of proposing swinging, Pooja Mehra comes back to her better half Pawan Mehra and apologizes to him for recommending a thought as inept as swinging to spare their marriage. On the opposite end, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari are miffed with Vishal Saxena for messing with them and choose to turn the tables on him. So as to render fitting retribution from Vishal, the two of them intend to coordinate a detailed con attempting to get him in a tough situation. Will Pawan and Pooja Mehra have the option to spare their marriage and accommodate their disparities? Will Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari be effective in their con against Vishal or will Vishal win about it and give just desserts to them?

Pawan and Pooja Episode 6 – Unhappy Anniversary

Right now Pawan and Pooja, Pooja Kalra meets with her sister Neerja. Neerja finds out about Pooja’s encounter with Mehak. She cautions Pooja not to connect with Mehak as it would have results that she isn’t prepared to confront. Then again, Pawan Mehra is stunned to see that somebody he knows has been uncovered out in the open for swinging effectively. This news doesn’t go down well with Pawan and he gets anxious thinking about it.

See real factors hit hard to the couples in the most recent scene of Pawan and Pooja

As Pooja Maheshwari experiences difficulties with her family, Pawan Srivastav goes to bat for her and stands up to her family. He expects Pooja to welcome him consequently and commend his fortitude and care, however, rather, he gets steamed when he understands that Pooja and her life rotates around the informal organization. Pawan understands that Pooja would not esteem or value any signals till the time it isn’t done on the web. Will this brutal reality change Pawan’s sentiments towards Pooja? Will the open outrage of his companion spur Pawan Mehra to reevaluate the choices he took? Will Pooja Kalra hear her out sister and make a stride again from the Mehak circumstance?

Pawan and Pooja Episode 7 – Heartbreakers

Pawan Kalra plays a trick on his better half Pooja. Raj helps Pawan in the trick. During the time spent the trick, Pooja is stunned to see an unforeseen visitor in her home. Pooja isn’t satisfied to see the visitor and in this manner demonstrations inaccessible. Will Pooja have the option to stand the visitor? With mysteries out and genuine goals set up, in what capacity will the Kalras handle this contort in the story?

Get Pawan and Pooja cast, story, full recordings and most recent scene online on MX Player

The Mehras get into a terrible contention at home. One thing prompts another and Pooja and Pawan admit their actual emotions towards one another and face their grieved marriage as it gazes directly in their countenances. Will the disclosures be an end for the Mehras? While they address their disparities, as a piece of their show, Pawan Srivastav needs to manage a troublesome circumstance. On Vishal’s recommendation, Raool, Pooja’s ex comes to live with her and Pawan in their home. Clearly, this makes Pawan awkward, yet will he educate Pooja concerning this?

Pawan and Pooja Episode 8 – Once A Cheater

The right now thrilling scene, as Pooja Kalra is awkward with the nearness of Mehak in her home, Pawan’s conduct towards Mehak pesters her more. Things get significantly progressively complex when Pawan offers Mehak to remain over at their home. By what method will Pooja respond to this? Then again, after at long last knowing how they truly feel about each, Pawan Mehra asks his significant other, Pooja to give their relationship another opportunity. Pawan argues to her to make thing