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Zee5 Ateet Film Review, Cast, Trailer, Story, Plot

The new original film ATEET  streamed yesterday on zee5 and I must admit that after watching the trailer, I was very excited about two things first-star cast and second premises of film. But after watching it, I have to say it’s miserably failed to entertain.

Zee5 Ateet Film Review

ATEET movie let down the viewers by its hackneyed script and a predictable plot it is very foreseeable and very sapped, it would have wrapped under one hour but I didn’t understand why did they drag it, music has been forcefully intruded as well.

The editing at its worst and muddled character behaviors make the movie even more annoying and the climax is cherry on the cake to take worst out of it, it’s pathetic, emotionless & laughable. they tried hard to make an amalgamation of spooky & suspense thriller film but turn out be a knackered & otiose flick.

Zee5 Ateet Film Trailer

Zee5 Ateet Film Plot

when captioning Ateet Rana ( Rajeev Khandelwal) goes missing and he is declared dead by the army, his colleague Vishwa karma( Sanjay Suri) marries ateet wife ( Priya mani ) and take care of his daughter. But pronounced dead returns after a decade to his wife and daughter, only to realize that they have moved on. As he forces his way into their life, questions are asked whether he is dead or alive.

Zee5 Ateet Film Direction

Director Tanuj Bhramar has given beautiful movies In the past in the form of Dear Dad but this time because of the weak screenplay he failed to helmed the movie well.

Zee5 Ateet Film Cinematography

Mukesh.G has captured & depicted location beautifully

Zee5 Ateet Film Cast Performance 

  • Rajeev Khandelwal
  • Priyamani Raj
  • Kiran Sutwane
  • Pravin Ingle
  • Sanjay Suri

ATEET studded with good star cast but their performance not compelling enough to overshadow lousy story & screenplay