MX Player Campus Diaries Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story

Campus Diaries is a modern-day web series that features some of the faces of social media influencers. The OTT platform MX Player is ready for the new show to come out, which is called Campus Diaries.

MX Player Campus Diaries Story

Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav came up with the idea for Campus Diaries. It is a coming-of-age story, and the title is “Campus Diaries.” It is about college life, and it is called that because of that.

This is the story of five friends who are going to college. It has been shown how they deal with the ups and downs of college life, as well as many mishaps. When he grows up, those events will have a big impact on how he lives his life.

Students and professors study together, plan for festivals, have fun in the canteen, and sometimes skip class. But there is more to the MX Original Series – Campus Diaries than just fun and games because this campus has a different story.

MX Player Campus Diaries Cast

Comedian Saloni Gaur and YouTube star Harsh Beniwal are both in the movie. Ritvik Sahore, Salonie Patel and Abhinav Sharma are also in the movie.

MX Player Campus Diaries Trailer

We watched the show’s trailer, and we learned a few important things about how it will work. With everything from one-sided love to bad relationships, this show has them all.

Trailer: Here are the five important things that college life teaches us.

1. You wait to be second-year students so you don’t have to live with the fear of being ragged as a first-year because you won’t.
As soon as you start school, you can’t help but be excited about being a senior. First-year students could pick on and rag them any time during the first year. That’s a worry that you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life.

2. I’m in love with a teacher.

Many of you have felt this. For everyone: “All of us.” That’s true, but kids at this college don’t stop there. We’re sorry, Sneha, but we’re not going to do that again.

3. How to deal with addiction
If there’s one thing college taught me, it’s when to say no. A lot of college students go off the rails and look for comfort in things that are bad. This web series shows the truth behind all the fun and games we think college life is like. It also talks about sensitive but less talked about topics like drug abuse, which is very important for today’s young people.

Love that only goes one way.

Unrequited love doesn’t happen to everyone, but when it does, it can be very bad! Campus Diaries has a lot of drama about how to deal with one-sided love, and you can see a lot of it there.

5. Making friendships that last a lifetime.Many of you still stay in touch with your best friend from college. I’m there!

The one thing I got from college changed my life. It ends with the protagonist saying, “pehle muje lagta hai that our dost are small, but now I know that what we have is bigger than what they have and that their dost is even bigger.”

This is the story of five friends who are going to college. It has been shown how they deal with the ups and downs of college life, their relationship, and a lot of other things that go wrong. Those events, in fact, play a big role in how their lives turn out to be.

MX Player Campus Diaries Release Date

In the new year, this MX Original Series will be on your TV, so keep an eye out for it! Start watching Campus Diaries for free on January 7, 2022. It’s a different story than the one about the campus.