MX Player Samantar Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast

The tale of the Samantar web series is about a man ‘Kumar Mahajan’ played by ‘Swapnil Joshi’. Kumar is imagined as a skeptic, who doesn’t trust in any god or in any heavenly being.

The Web series is about the hardest time of this man when he was confronting the most serious issues of his life without a moment’s delay. He was at misfortune in the business and experiencing a budgetary emergency. It seemed as though that he was moving towards the impasse of this life and this all issue made him completely disappointed. Any man would be in the equivalent or most noticeably awful condition than him. Be that as it may, the entirety of this leads him to a Swami and he gave him the mission to locate a solitary man named ‘Sudharshan Chakrapani’. You more likely than not got notification from the seniors that destiny and karma choose your future, regardless of whether you accomplish difficult work more than any other person you can’t get achievement except if destiny is your ally. It doesn’t mean you should simply sit and trust that destiny will come to you.

MX Player Samantar Trailer

There is likewise a maxim that karma consistently favors the daring and diligent employee. This series is for the most part about ‘how life and destiny can make something happen, in any case’.

Samantar Web Series isn’t done at this point, this series will return with a season 2. When Mx Player declares it’s a restoration, we will update you.

MX Player Samantar Season 2 Release Date