Netflix Riding with Sugar Film, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story

The South African Movie “Riding With Sugar” soon to be streamed on Netflix is a testament to the role of hope and triumph when struck with adversity. His season of the holiday shall encompass competing in a sport and discovering emotions of belongingness, love, happiness, and success.

Both directed and written by Sunu Gonera, the Cannes Lions Gold winner and produced by Helena Spring the movie is set to hit our television screens on 27th November 2020. This Afro-futuristic film has been in the making for 17 years and was shot in Cape Town in the December of 2018. Riding with sugar is conceptualized from a 2005 short movie in the same name. His 2007 sophomore feature is called Pride, which has Terrence Howard.

Riding with Sugar Film Cast

The movie bustles with celebrated cast Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Charles Mnene, and Simona Brown. The movie revolves around the life of student and refugee, Joshua. He is committed to accomplishing his dream of winning the cycling tournament but fate has other plans in store for him. Struck by a terrible accident eclipsing all his bright dreams, Joshua gets a job and shelter in Mambo. Mambo houses refugee teenagers coming together from all around Africa. Riding with Sugar sees a turn of events when Olivia and Joshua meet.

Riding with Sugar Film Story

Olivia is a young dancer from a rather well off family. Her visions and views shadow Mambo’s agendas and put him in a whole new world. What is left for us to see is whether he can rise above the challenging odds that face him into a brighter life? Seeking a new fresh start while faced with a test of friendship and loyalty, what is to become of them? They have unpredictable situations in hand, which make them counter their humble upbringing in the countryside.

Riding with Sugar Film Trailer

This Netflix original is marked by gritty realities and real-life elements making it a very inspiring film. Escaping the grim and brutal soldier controlled regime of Zimbabwean only to find himself amidst the drug-ridden lanes of Cape Town. Riding with Sugar explores the deceptive nature of ploys in form of drug lords, bad businessmen, politics, and falling in love with a young American girl.

Riding with Sugar Film Release Date

Netflix is set to release the South African film Riding With Sugar on November 27 on its streaming OTT platform.