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Netflix Series The Stranger Review, Plot, Story, Cast, Release Date

Harlan Coben’s novels are twisty, with lots of characters harboring secrets, especially in seemingly-normal and bucolic suburban towns. But translating those worlds to TV has proven difficult; 2018’s Safe, for instance, was too twisty for its own good.

And his latest Netflix series stranger does the same thing. Read the book and like with any of Coben’s work was hooked from the first chapter! I wasn’t expecting much from the show (who is after reading the book first) but they did it extremely well! Reflects the book brilliantly! I loved the show.

Seeing Jennifer Saunders in a serious role was hard to get my head around. But she can do serious parts. We do first see a young boy, naked, running through the woods. We wonder why. Throughout, we see what happened, but the main story is much more exciting, Secrets and Lies.

Overall a very good series but….the sound design and sound levels are awful. AWFUL. I really hope they realize and change this issue for season two. The sound design is probably generic sound library songs that are simply edited in the show and they are put everywhere. Everyone was no breathing space. Sometimes even while there is dialogue. The levels are highly inconsistent the dialogue is very low.

But besides that really enjoyed this show. Yes, there were certain aspects that were a little contrived but I enjoyed the fact that there were several twists and turns in every episode. It certainly drew me in and kept me wanting to watch more. All in all, there’s plenty to recommend it and plenty of lesser ways to spend six and a bit hours in front of Netflix. Have at it.

Netflix Series The Stranger Trailer

PLOT -Based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, the series will follow Adam Price, who seems to be living the perfect life – two great sons, a watertight marriage – until a stranger approaches him at a bar and reveals a shocking secret about Price’s wife, Corinne.

Netflix Series The Stranger Cast

  • Richard Armitage
  • Shaun Dooley
  • Siobhan Finneran
  • Jacob Dudman
  • Misha Handley
  • Brandon Fellows
  • Anthony Head

Netflix Series The Stranger Direction

The Stranger series has been directed by several directors, but all of having managed to land good support to script

Netflix Series The Stranger Cinematography

The ace part of the series  is cinematography director of photography depicted every episode very beautiful, color collection, the mood of series everything goes with script job best & Tom Crowe has done a fantastic job

Netflix Series The Stranger Review

The Stranger series isolates itself from various riddle antecedents that don’t talk about the one leg holding up the whole creation until it’s intended to fall (15 minutes before the end). In The Stranger, there are various legs; there are numerous privileged insights; there are different falsehoods. And keeping in mind that, now and again, this aspect works in the show’s kindness, more often than not, it’s just excessively.